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Ansley + Kyle:: Winsome Grove:: Pavo, Georgia Wedding Photographer

All love is special, but occasionally I get the opportunity to whiteness two people who are just made for each other. It’s the kind of love that you know from the moment you meet them, that it’s just a bit extraordinary. I might be showing my age a bit but, does anyone remember the movie “The Little Rascals?” It was the first time I ever hear Michael Bublé sing the song that got stuck in my head till this very day. Some of your may know it!L.O.V.E. “L…is for the way you LOOK at me” “O…is for the only ONE I see.” “V is very, very extraordinary” “E…is even more than anyone that you adore” Yup, that song! I’m telling you know that Ansley and Kyle definitely fit this song. They way they look at one another and just see each other’s soul is so very extraordinary . When they walked down the isle they said I do to their best friend. You just know that person differently when you are good friends first.

Let’s talk about this crazy weather though. All week the forecast said it was going to rain. Well it did rain just not anywhere near where they were getting married! Everyone knows that a little rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck. And even their engagement session it rained prior to the sun coming out and blessing us with a break in the weather. Thank goodness for that because it made for some gorgeous portraits underneath an over hanging oak tree at Winsome Grove in Pavo, Georgia. Ansley loved that spot. It was one of the few reasons they chose the venue for their wedding.

Their first look is the reason I tell every single one of my wedding clients to have a first look! They decided to take time for themselves and actually get a few moments together on their wedding day. You will see that it was just as special if not even more so as seeing her walk down the isle the first time. It was just as tender and sweet. Nothing took away from any other moment for the rest of the day. They were so many happy and joyful tears. When he saw her in the dress it was perfect! They exchanged gifts during this time too. He got her a sparkly bracelet and she got him some custom cuff links made from the bottom of a .45 caliber shell.

I just want to quickly highlight something unique for their wedding. Kyle’s uncle wanted to take part in the wedding so they made him the ring bearer!!! I just want to tell everyone out there that maybe breaking tradition a bit and making your older cousins, aunts and uncles flower girls and ring bearer should become a thing! It was the best and you never have to worry about loosing the rings!!

Ansley and Kyle thank you so much for allowing me to take part in telling your story. I have been blessed with your presence and will see you both when you return from your honeymoon!

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