A Change of Seasons :: Albany Georgia Photographer

I cannot believe I am typing this as a blog post! I may or may not be sitting here bawling my little mama eyes out, but I digress…

There is a change of seasons for everyone. Some are big and some are so very small. This seasonal shift in the Rambo home is a big one. My sweet baby girl has hit yet another milestone in her growth and has finally left the baby stages behind. I might have to blame Facebook for this post, because this video of her popping up in my memories from over a year ago. It showed a sweet little baby finally figuring out how to crawl for the first time. I was such an excited mama. She has always lived for the applause! So please excuse my eager mama shrills.

As I was watching the video, it hit me! This season is over! *sniffs* There are no more baby stages left to conquer. She has learned to crawl, walk, talk and eat at the table with the big people. We have discovered our hands ,feet, belly, arms, legs, nose, ears, mouth, toes, eyes and fingers. The last thing I have left of this season is the pitter patter of tiny little feet on my wood floor. Oh how I LOVE that sound and it’s normally accompanied by a sweet little giggle.

I am definitely having a hard time coming to terms with this new season. I am fighting with every ounce of mama bear that is left in me. It’s definitely hard knowing what is to come. I don’t really want to acknowledge the change that is and will be right in front of me. I have begun hold my baby as tight as I can these days because what is left of them will soon to be no more.