It's A Rambo Life:: Kitchen Edition :: Dawson, Georgia Photographer

Some of the best moments recently are the ones unprompted. I just happen to catch these as I was testing out my lens that just came back from being fixed. Additionally since my computer’s hard drive is dead, it made me very curious as to HOW I could find a way to continue to work and serve all my favorite people without letting them down. As a business owner it is hard to prepare for times like these.

However, I will say this “break” from the computer is forcing me to soak in all these little tiny moments that are passing me by every single day. Like this one. KK loves playing in the silver ware drawer at her Nana’s house. Because what happens at Nana’s stays at Nana’s. At least that is what Nana says anyhow. LOL! How sweet it is to be so little and explore these things. How sweet it was to be able to capture this tiny moment and preserve it forever. <3 She loves being in the kitchen and playing. Occasionally she wants to stir what is on the stove and do all the adult things before her time. IF I am being totally honest here, she gets that from me!

The pink gizmo is her motorcycle. She knows how to make it go, but yet can’t drive…

The spoon and fork set on the floor. It’s Barbie and it was mine…

The joy and smile on her face as she plays with the things she knows she isn’t supposed to… PRICELESS.

This day right here was a winner. It’s what everyone dreams of when they think of life, family and children. So glad this ohana is mine.