L & R | Shellman, Georgia Children's Photographer

How about a sneak peek from yesterday's session with L&R in Shellman, Georgia? I could not wait to edit these when I got home. These two are so sweet, energetic and loving girls. It is such a privilege to be able to photograph others in their home. Not to mention how adorable are these sweet dresses. 

I am an only child and have no idea what it is like to have your own sister or brother. I see the bond in my children and others but sometimes I dream of that person to call my own. If you have a sibling make sure you put aside any pesky things that they may aggravate you with and remember to cherish their presence. Make sure they know you love them and try to keep the "bonding" to a minimum when you do.

Now, I know I said on Instagram that I had an announcement to make and I do have one. However, I have decided to wait until the project is fully completed before spilling the beans. I won't totally leave you hanging though and will leave this as a teaser:

I have teamed up with LB Studios in Leesburg, Georgia to offer a one of a kind heirloom product. I will blog more about his later so check back or keep up with my Instagram & Facebook page to learn more. You definitely will not want to miss this!