Virginia Vacation:: It's A Rambo Life:: Gordonsville, Virginia Photographer

This vacation was definitely a BIG one for us. For nearly 9 days we dared to take KK on her FIRST ever vacation! Why in the world I chose to make her first one the furthest thing away from me I will never know, but I can say with full confidence now we have gotten the hang of traveling with her.

These blog posts are always easiest for me to share about because I love love love my family unit. The days leading up to leaving gave me a TON of anxiety. Packing bags came so easy to me in the days pre-KeiKei. It was nothing for me to grab all of the necessities and put our lives into a bag. Post toddler, my own suit case spent 4 days on the floor in the same spot with clothes, shoes, toiletries and few more needed items piled on top. Of course the toddler took most of said items and hid them all throughout the house for me to find later. Yʼall mama couldnʼt find her moisturizer, vacation was almost over before we even got started good. Iʼm just saying... that whole packing for a toddler is rough business.

The morning we left it started with mostly everyone sleeping in. KK woke up and got us out of bed. We got ourselves dressed and went to wake up her bubba. I told her to jump on him and she proceed to take her "tunes"and found a comfy spot next to him. My heart swelled up and just what a wonderful way to start spending time together then to snuggle up for just a few minutes before leaving. Just could not think of a better way to get started!

The ride up included a few last minute errands because for us those are always necessary before leaving... well in this family it is. KeiKei has never really enjoyed being in a car. Sheʼs not the child that likes to be confined to small spaces for long periods of time. She got about 2 hours under her and we had to stop. First stop was a rest stop. Nothing super interesting happened thank goodness, but she did get to stretch those chubby legs a bit. The next part of the trip went better than the first. It lead us on down the road a bit more and we stopped at DQ for some burgers, fries and a small cone. She was so proud to be holding her bubbaʼs book and wanted to read with him after we sat down. Her Pawpaw fed her French fries and due to her sensitivity with dairy, we hardly ever give her ice cream or anything else with sugar. I feel super terrible too because she really loves ice cream and she canʼt have it. Mama caved this time and gave her a small bit. After getting back in the car, she passed out hard and left us to our devices for the next two and a half hours. When your riding in the car you have a bit of time to think about things. I pondered how we could spend time together as a family. Moments that I can document and make a video from the clips of the trip. I wanted to learn to use the Go Pro effectively for my personal everyday things and how I was going to finish my to do list for my business. If I am being honest that list is a bit longer than I am wanting to admit. We rode for 6.5 hours and stopped in Charlotte, North Carolina to spend the night. Sweet girl was soooo excited to be out of the car finally. She was running around in circles giggling at the top of her lungs. Getting her to sleep was incredibly difficult. I just had to wait it out and around 2:30 in the morning she finally passed out.

The next morning she was cranky...imagine that. Got breakfast as fast as we could and put her back in the car for the last haul of the trip which was roughly 4.5 hours. This was the easiest leg of the trip and I was sooo happy to see our final destination. Their were a lot of firsts for her. First trip, first time in a hotel, first time in a cabin, first time being away from home, first time riding a golf cart, first time playing mini golf, first time at a splash pad, first time seeing horses up close anyway and the first time we saw her slide on a big girl slide all by herself. She definitely kept us going and we spent more time outdoors that week than we probably have since she was born. She did not want to stay in the cabin with us very much and really gravitated towards the outdoors. Which surprised me really. Gave me an idea to maybe cook up a camping trip locally to see how she does.

By Thursday, sweet girl looked at me and said she wanted to go home. Luckily for her, we only had one more day up there before we packed and started our ride back to Georgia. It was great to go and even greater to come home.