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Discovery 2020

I have decided this year is going to be one for personal growth. This will be the time that marketing, client experiences, personal branding and many more things will start to make sense. Fam, I have already paid for this blog & website for this year. Even part of next year. I thought why leave it all by itself for the reminder of the period. Why not put it to use and let you hear the words behind the talent.

Let’s start with… business. What is Samantha Rambo Photography doing after the plague? Business is fulfilling current clients already booked the rest of this year. Where it goes from here, I wished I knew. I continue to keep studying all the ends and outs. I am trying my best to understand marketing, building a personal brand, social media.

Figuring out how to control the idea machine is the worst part. I have A MILLION ideas. My brain runs in over drive thinking of the next big idea that can propel me forward. Often leaving the current idea incomplete for eternity.

How do I fix that? I DO NOT KNOW. Not a clue. I think by the end of 2020, I hope to have discovered one or two more things. Things that helps me stay organized, on task and actually see a project all the way through. Cheers to discovery 2020.

PS. If you are looking for my recent wedding work, I have moved my social media to @samantharamboweddings.

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