The very beginning to every story. I photograph weddings looking for the moments in between the couple and who they know. Their connection with one another is what makes up a part of the story. That is what makes each and every wedding unique and special. It's the one place I can go to and witness an over abundance of love throughout an entire day. Click to view Tori & Robert’s wedding.


Family. Where the heart of the home is and at the very center of it are the tiny squeals of joy. The long days and nights with that sweet, little, newborn baby, new adventures taken while playing pretend or simply reading a book. It's the bond that ties you and your peeps together. All simply captured in one moment with a mix of posed and the everyday portraiture.


These moments truly are fleeting. In the blink of an eye your newborn baby is now your little boy or girl. My goal is to get to know them, keep them laughing and photograph them as they are right in that very moment. That includes the crying and grumpy faces as well as the side eye looks they give you every time you ask them to do something. Them just being themselves.