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Jamie :: Albany, Georgia Maternity Photographer

This is going to be a 2 for 1 blog. Two blogs in one because one I want to show everyone the precious family and two why it is important to have maternity pictures done.

I met Jamie because Miss Karlee was a flower girl in Alexis and Hunter’s wedding that I photographed back in May. Let me tell you it was really hard then to not photograph her. She has “the stare” down pat. Now let me explain “the stare”. Some children (mine included) when they look at you without smiling into the camera they just look angry. She on the other hand looks like an angelic model with some of the prettiest eyes. I know she is being shy, but it’s an adorable shy. This look isn’t for everyone and not everyone can do it. That is okay! Kids for me don’t have to be smiley all the time. As parents we love those photos because sometimes they are rare and they are cute! Just love that when she looks in the camera it’s like she can see into my soul just a little.

This session was a bit tough on all of us though. It was HOT and every time I asked them to snuggle each other they melted just a little more into the ground. I have to give extra props to Jamie, because the heat did not make this an easy session. We started in the shade and it was a lot cooler but it wasn’t enough to escape the humidity. Eventually, we had to leave the shade and seek comfort in the car with air conditioning and water. Only to jump back out into the heat and finish everything. Jamie and the family were an absolute rock stars and powered through till the very end and I have to say from the images below, I 1000% believe it was worth it. I am excited to see their baby girl in a few more weeks!

Jamie and the family are in a season where in 5 weeks time it will no longer be just the 3 of them. Adding another baby to the mix changes the family dynamics all over again. It’s new adjustments for everyone and truly will never be “just the 3 of them” ever again. This goes for soon to be mama’s and daddy’s of their first baby as well. It will never be “just the 2 of you” once the baby is here. So take a moment and soak it all in with a session to remember that special time together. It’s precious time that you just can’t get back. Do you have to get super fancy to do it? No, you don’t. This can be done in jeans and t-shirt with adorable cute comfy clothes. They did it, why can’t you?!?

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