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Juliann | Maternity Photography | Albany, Georgia Maternity Photographer

First Juliann, I wanted to say thank you so much for being a trooper and standing out in 94 degree weather with the humidity feeling like 101. I know we were tired and you powered through it all. You were awesome! 

I could go on and on for days about this session, but instead I am going to let Juliann tell you all about it!

“Our photography experience with Samantha was fantastic. Out of the photographers that we have had experience with in the past, she definitely outshines them just by simply knowing what she wants out of the session with you in mind. Prior to our session, we had discussed what my family and I were aiming for with our shoot, positioning, focus, etc. When looking through other sessions of other families online, I noticed that often the first born child seemed forgotten or put on the back burner in maternity photo sessions; we wanted the session to be more about our daughter than about my pregnancy. Celebrating her promotion as a big sister and our family as a whole. Samantha and I had discussed her style, what she looked for through the lens, what we aimed for in our particular session, and set a date!  

When we arrived at our location, she was in a very upbeat mood, (even though it was super humid and buggy out!), set up what she needed and began the session. My daughter felt like she was her helper, and Samantha adhered to her needs as a two year old and made the session about her, just like we agreed. In the midst of our session, she captured beautiful moments that were spontaneous and normal for us as a family and the overall outcome of all of the pictures was just epic. The pictures of just myself that were taken made me feel very empowered and beautiful at this physically awkward and sometimes painful stage in my pregnancy. I wanted her to capture pregnancy and motherhood both in my personal photos. She did just that. Another outshining trait about Samantha and her talent that I noticed, and also absolutely love, is how she helped position our bodies for certain poses to where they would turn out more natural, but also, in a way, help the photos turn out better (especially for me being 38 weeks pregnant!). If she did not like how something turned out, she would change it up, or tell me to change something because she knew I personally would not care for it! She is very welcoming and makes you feel super comfortable and the session enjoyable.  

I recommend her for just about anything you’re looking for in a session and for all life events, big and small. I am so in love with our session and how everything turned out. Every time I see our photos I cannot help but smile so big! Thank you so much Samantha for capturing our family and one of our life’s biggest moments. We appreciate you. <3 “

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