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Kai:: Fresh 48:: Albany, Georgia Newborn Photographer

Everyone meet Kai! My friends Juliann and Adam got to welcome their newest addition and rainbow baby to the world this past week. I was sooo excited for his arrival! He is absolutely perfect! He smells like a new baby and talks big in his sleep with a lot of little man grunts that I absolutely adore. I must admit it cured my soul to hold a tiny one again. I have missed KK being that little and recently searching for the remnants that is left of the baby she was. I am sure people will be like well are you going to have another one. NOPE. Kai cured me. I loved him big and gave him back. That was the nicest gift anyone can give me. LOL. Thank you Juliann and Adam for giving me that gift and the baby snuggles were top notch. Just read his shirt if you don’t believe me.

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