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Lauren:: Albany, Georgia Maternity Photographer

This session right here…. this session right here.. this session is FIRE! It has earned the Samantha Rambo EPIC seal of approval. I fully believe that a little adventure makes for the best portraits ever. Lauren signed herself up for that adventure when she told me she wanted a place with water for her session. She didn’t know how she wanted to incorporate it. Of course, me being the extra self that I am, I didn’t stop at posing beside the water…Oh NOO… I put her in it!(I need to properly thank my friend Juliann with The Siren’s Pen for letting me know of this wonderful little nugget of a location.) I couldn’t resist having Keith in there with her as well. I mean if you’re going to do it might as well include everyone. LOL

What you guys don’t know is we ALMOST rescheduled this session because of the weather. Now being a wedding photographer has taught me a few things about the weather. Besides it being completely unpredictable, you can work with it if you are willing. I realize people’s hair get’s cray and you look like a wet dog, but water has a romantic quality to it. It added a little drama to the entire feel of the session. In between the little bit of rain that was coming down, it would lighten up and start to drizzle. We jumped out from the safety of our cover and quickly posed for as long as the drizzle would last. The result? Well, I will let you experience that for yourself.

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