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Michelle + David :: Albany, Georgia Couples Photographer

Michelle and David were in the wedding party of Tori and Robert when I meet them. To be technical, I officially met them when I bumped into Tori and Robert at Steak and Shake. I was having a family dinner and went over to say hello. Tori and Robert introduced me to everyone and it gave me a chance to connect with them before the wedding day. Which this has given me the idea to possibly host other weddings and their wedding parties for dinners in the future.

I enjoyed this session. Everyone probably knows by now that fur babies are apart of family too and they get to participate in my sessions when asked. You will see in one or two of the images in this post something very special to Michelle. She has a tattoo of her late fathers voice mail on her forearm. She asked me to find a way to include it in a few photos and I thought it was a wonderful way to remember him by.

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