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Midwestern Engagement Session in Albany, Georgia
Sam + Sam

Umm talking about stepping out of my comfort zone! This one pushed me waaay out! I met up with a new photographer friends Katee and Caroline for this shoot here. They were sweet enough to let me tag along to take some photos from the session with Sam + Sam! Now talking about a confusing day for names THIS was it. We had to rename everyone while we were there. We had boy Sam, girl Sam and Sam the photographer. I won’t lie I still answered when they said girl Sam realizing that it wasn’t me they were talking to. LOL!

Katee and Caroline really push my boundaries and have helped me expand my horizons even further. I feel like I am a better photographer for it. I really enjoy collaborating with creatives and I know I will be doing this again with them in the future. Totally takes me back to simpler days where I get to enjoy the process fully and making new friends is such a big bonus! Thank you both for sharing your skills with me!

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