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Mommy & Me | Family Photographer Albany, Georgia

Ya’ll this session was in part something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Before I found out I was pregnant with my own daughter I was fascinated by the relationship between a mother and her daughter. I wanted to explore the bond by documenting it in photos. Also, encourage mom’s to get in front of the camera more than once with their young. Our little humans don’t see the extra pounds we have put on, how much the skin under our arms jiggles and could potentially help us fly away, nor do they see the bags under our eyes or the wrinkles in our skin. They look at us and see love, comfort and their safe place from when all in their world is wrong. So mama’s get yourself off the couch, put down the gallon of ice cream, dress up with make up, do your hair and make yourself feel pretty. Then get pictures done with your babies. After all it’s all they will have to remember you by when it’s said and done. Oh and check out the mommy and me session in Albany, Georgia below.

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