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Print versus Digital

2020 has been a moment for sure and here I have started the ponder the question of where am I failing my clients? Please, know that I do everything I can to make sure I am providing the best service possible to everyone. I just want all of my people to truly LOVE the experience they are getting.

Something wasn’t adding up though. I had researched and was convinced digital was the way to go. After going though my workflow and creating a very detailed on how to guide to help everyone navigate the delivery of their gallery, I just never felt it was enough or that I was actually done with each session.

I started to think about the workflow and what kind of experience I would want to walk through if I was my own client. After talking with several friends, I put together one that I absolutely love. This is where the print vs digital comes in. I really never wanted to venture over into the print world at first. Then after the redecorating of my living room and brand new DIY shelving, I visited Hobby Lobby and finally got actual d├ęcor for my shelving. This also included frames for a few of my new favorite images I had acquired.

My home feels more like a home with my memories around me. There is so much more to this photography journey than digital images. I am so happy to include prints into my new packages. I want to help you surround your home with images from your session and give you a fuller, more hands on experience from start to finish!

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