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The First Look :: FAQ:: Albany, Georgia Wedding Photographer

Q::What is a “First Look?”

A:: It is a private moment between you and the groom that is spent together before the ceremony.

Q::Do you photograph the First Look?

A:: Yes. During this time I am present, however because I do want this to be a moment between just the two of you, I am using a longer lens to capture your emotions and interactions. Often you will find me stalking you in a bush or behind a tree trying to be discrete.

Armed with this newfound knowledge from these two questions now the biggest question is…
Should you do a first look???

While I cannot answer that in it’s entirety for you, I will give you some more information about a First Look that can help with your decision making process. I would say 95% of the weddings I have photographed have opted to share their first moments together privately through a First Look!

  • First Looks add about 3 extra hours to your timeline on your wedding day.
    If you are worried about how your day will flow and getting things done this is one way to get some of the time back. By spending a few moments together, this allows the chance to complete all of your photographs prior to the wedding and actually move on to your reception from your ceremony without having to keep your guests waiting. Thus making the flow of the day much more STRESS FREE.

  • Getting to enjoy intimate and personal time together!
    Many couples do not realize how busy a wedding day really is. From the time you wake up, till the time you finally leave as a married couple there will be no time for you to spend together on the day of. Everyone deserves to be alone with each other for just a few moments together. When you are ready we then start with your portraits of you two!

  • More portraits!
    Adding in the first look allows for more portraits of the two of you. If I need to put a number on it, I would say that couples who do a First Look get about 40% more portraits from their wedding day. This can be the difference between receiving 1 decent photo and 50 creative images of you two!

  • It takes away all the anxiety and nerves!
    You are about to say I do with anywhere from 50-100 sets of eyes watching your every move. It’s nerve racking when the attention is all on you two at the ceremony. Spending time together before hand helps remove all the nerves and makes the moment even more special. It strengthens the emotions of the ceremony and letting you focus on the gravity of what is happening in that moment. Tears just tend to flow a little bit more naturally.

First Looks are kind of like an insurance policy for your wedding day allowing us more time in your timeline and another opportunity to create GORGEOUS portraits of the two of you! So with all that being said, the decision is between the both of you and I will do everything I can to create the best possible experience for you NO MATTER WHAT you decide!

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