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The Holdorfs:: Albany, Georgia Family Photographer

I love that I get the chance to watch families and these babies grow! There is nothing better than being able to preserve these memories for them . The Holdorfs were one of the very first families I photographed ever. Back before my style had even evolved and things were falling into place for me. I love getting to spend time with their two babies. We had a good time running around, barking like a puppy, singing baby shark and pretending we were dinosaurs and airplanes. I even deliberately bruised my buttocks by falling backwards several times just to make them laugh. Y’all it was worth all the giggles and smiles. Did I mention that all my families will probably pretend to walk like dinosaurs from now on? Be aware that this photographer has a new trick up her sleeve that produces smiles for days. If you don’t like dinosaurs, we can’t be friends!

I hope everyone enjoys their long awaited sneak peek from Chehaw Park in Albany, Georgia. We had a good time!

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