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The Weavers:: Albany Georgia Family Photographer

The weather this weekend was a total bummer. Non of my usual glow at all and I wished I had seen a bit more sun, but the laughter in this session totally made up for all of it!

All of the babies are growing up right before my very eyes. Gav was just a year old when I last photographed him. Barely walking and look at him now. Full blow running and giggling. I had such a good time with everyone. We started the session running around to get everyone loosened up. Just a small race between brothers to get it started. Then got mama in the mix for a few while waiting on Dad to get to Chehaw Park in Albany, Georgia from work. Some of my favorite shot ever are when families are holding hands walking together. Gav started making dinosaur sounds and I asked them to walk like a dinosaur. This has become my favorite thing EVER! I think everyone should walk like dinosaurs and let me take their photos. The images are priceless and I cannot wait to try this again with a wedding party!

Here are just a few from yesterday. Hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed creating it.

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