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Why not elope? | A Georgia, Wedding Photographer’s Point of View

Hello, future 2021 brides! You have found yourself being presented with a ring and saying yes to your future spouse. Out of all your excitement you start looking at your wedding planning goals, dreams, and aspirations. It is all so exciting to dream about your potential wedding dress, flowers, photographer, and your friends and family surrounding you with all of their love! Let me ask you this question: 

why not elope?

Some regions of the United States elopements have a stigma attached. Not long ago, this may have looked like running away to a courthouse and saying your vows in front of a Justice of the Peace. In 2021, this NO LONGER APPLIES! Let me say that again for those in the back:

An elopement in 2021 no longer involves going to the justice of the peace or asking Elvis to marry you!

The circumstances of this year has changed this part of the wedding industry forever. Elopements have turned into an extremely small, intimate wedding with your immediate family and very close friends. The options for 2021 brides have expanded further that what we could have imagined. Could you imagine having just a bit more of those personalized touches to your wedding day? All of a sudden, things that once seemed out of reach for brides are actually obtainable. We have been there… browsing through Pinterest with these stunning tablescapes, amazing venues, elaborate ceremony setups, dreamy floral arrangements, the dream dress, best photographer(s) and thought to ourselves; I would love to have that, but it is not realistic. SAYS WHO!?! Who told you this is not possible? Who said that your dream cannot become a reality on your budget?

I know you are wondering about the rest of my family and friends attending. As a married woman of nearly 15 years, let me give you a bit of perspective. There are only a TWO things that matter on the wedding day:


The Peach Barn Wedding by Samantha Rambo Weddings in Tifton Georiga

The decision to marry each other was an agreement between you both. It should stand to reason that your wedding is a direct reflection of who you are as a couple. I want to encourage you to make this celebration about the commitment you both are making to one another. That does not have to include a big guest list. In all honesty, the only people I really needed at my wedding were my now immediate family: my mom, dad, siblings, and grandparents.

It is your wedding day! Let’s put the fun back into wedding planning. Go on an adventure and bring home some EPIC portraits from your favorite photographer to hang on your walls for years to come. So I ask you, dear bride, one more time…

Why not elope?

The Peach Barn at Timbermill Acres Wedding in Tifton, Georgia by Samantha Rambo Weddings

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